Build Trusted Software.

Ensignia helps secure the Software Supply Chain of applications that run on Kubernetes, from dev to prod, so that you can focus on building great software.

Supply chain

Plug-and-play Guardrails for Software Supply Chain

Ensignia provides a practical and efficient way embed and enable Software Supply Chain Security for applications that run on Kubernetes. By implementing the SLSA framework, we enable security teams and developers to roll out and enforce security guardrails, all throughout the SDLC.

Built upon open source tools you know and trust, supported by our team with decades of operating experience at some of the world's most innovative companies.

SaLSA-in-a-Can 🥫

SLSA is the first framework to tackle the problem of software supply chain security at scale. It goes beyond SBOMs and vulnerability scanning to provide a comprehensive set of security controls from development to production. The SLSA framework was developed by Google and is now an open standard managed by the Linux Foundation.


Ensignia ensures a secure and transparent build environment by verifying the integrity of your source code, dependencies, and build tools. By tracking and validating all components involved in the build process, we help security engineers identify and mitigate potential risks, resulting in a robust foundation for your software supply chain.


During the package stage, Ensignia performs thorough package verification, confirming the authenticity and integrity of artifacts before they are integrated into your production environment. Our solution streamlines dependency management, continuously monitors for known vulnerabilities, and provides timely alerts to keep your software supply chain secure and up-to-date.


Ensignia's deployment admission control ensures that only approved and verified code is deployed to production. By implementing a reliable authorization system, our solution maintains high security standards and minimizes the risk of security breaches. This feature provides security engineers with the confidence and control they need to safeguard their Kubernetes workloads throughout the entire deployment process.

Meet the Team

Ensignia is founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and engineers with deep security expertise and a passion for building great products.