Our mission

Ensignia exists to help companies secure their software supply chain. We believe in simple solutions to complex problems, and that security should be accessible to organizations of all sizes.

With the rising number of supply chain attacks, as a result of increased complexity in multi-stage delivery pipelines, deployment to Kubernetes, and the use of open-source components, we believe that the industry needs a new approach to securing the software supply chain.

Ensignia is built around the emerging supply chain framework called SLSA (SaLSA), which is a set of verifiable requirements for the integrity of software artifacts throughout the software supply chain, from development to production. We believe that SLSA will become the de-facto standard for software supply chain security, and we are committed to helping organizations adopt SLSA and secure their software supply chain.

Apps built using open-source components
Supply-Chain attack increase year-on-year
Software Supply Chain Attacks, last 5 years

Founding team

Ensignia is founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and founders with deep security expertise and a passion for building great products.

  • Sam "Frenchie" Stewart avatar

    Sam "Frenchie" Stewart

    Co-Founder / CEO

    Frenchie has been building infrastructure security systems and teams for companies such as Brex, Cruise, and CultureAmp – specifically to solve software supply chain issues. Frenchie is a repeat startup founder with a previous exit under his belt. In his spare time, Frenchie enjoys throwing himself out of airplanes, speeding down hill on skis, and despite the nickname — is not french.

  • Ivan Vanderbyl avatar

    Ivan Vanderbyl

    Co-Founder / CPTO

    Ivan brings over 15 years of experience in creating developer tools and establishing companies. Boasting two successful exits, he possesses extensive technical know-how, enabling him to transform ideas into fully realized products. He is fervent about developing outstanding products and teams. Ivan has been working remotely since 2015 and takes pleasure in exploring new places, engaging in challenging hiking adventures, and will point a snowboard down any steep slope.